The images in the glass panels are intended to capture the dynamic strength of the BC Landscapes. They move from the river to the mountains, to our vast Pacific Ocean. The background is composed of strong geometric shapes that symbolize the strength and integrity of the land. The abstracted human figures reinforce the liveliness of our home. They are moving and dancing on one side and conversing and contemplating on the other side. The balancing forces of the sun and moon on either side of the column add to the "yin/yang' aspect of life. The animals that were chosen add the spice of life and character to the work: the knowledgeable eagle, the strong protective bear, and the food giving salmon. Beauty is complex and this complexity is captured subtly in the composition of the panels. The background of the work is made by fusing coloured glass strips around clear glass to form rods. There were several different values of each colour made; cross sections of these rods are assembled in pixelated forms to create the ground, the mountains and the sky. All the elements reinforce the diversity inherent in the vast BC Landscapes: the majestic mountains; the winding rivers; the rolling hills; the great forest; the vast coastal fronts; and the endless blue ocean. The artist designed these panels to reflect the great honour and pride she has in the subject, and hopes that these panels give a window into the heart of the beauty that surrounds us.

Chris Doman

Designed by Connie Watts & Created by Chris Doman
Date: 2007
Client: Government

Panel Dimensions: 14” x 28” x 2”

Material: Fused Glass and Cedar

BC Landscapes